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Integral question

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    How does the function equal x = y^2 I though it was y = x^1/2 ??
    I highlighted this part in the picture I posted

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    Why don't you see if those two are equal?

    Try graphing them both
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    I like Serena

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    Hi Miike012! :smile:

    What do you get if you square both sides of y = x1/2?
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    Ok yes thats true.. I guess what I am really asking my self is why did they go with x = y^2 instead of y = x^1/2.
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    Can I assume this is about integrals?

    The white area is calculated using the integral of y(x)=x1/2.
    This integral calculates the area between the graph and the x-axis.

    To calculate the gray area, basically the axes are swapped around, so the integral between the graph and the y-axis can be calculated.
    But if you do that, the function has to be inverted as well.
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