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Integral trouble

  1. Jan 3, 2010 #1
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    This isn't exactly a homework question, but it's close enough: it's from my old Calculus book (Larson), and I've been stuck on it for awhile. I just need a little hint or something. I've tried a u-substitution and haven't found anything that seems to help, and I've tried integration by parts, but nothing really simplifies--I just end up with an integral that is just as hard as before I try integration by parts. Maybe I'm using these techniques wrong or not seeing something obvious. No other 'harder' integration techniques should be needed (they come later in the book). Thanks!
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    Try integrating by parts twice. You'll eventually end up with a term that looks like the original integral. You can collect terms, so to speak, and solve for the integral.
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    Ah! I would've never thought of that. Thanks!
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