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Integral with complications

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    I've looked everywhere for a method or approach to break down this integral, but so far, nothing. If anyone has any ideas or answers, I would be incredibly thankful:

    ∫ {[ln(v)]^(s-1) - [ln(v)]^(-s)}/(v-1) dv, with limits from v=1 to v=e, and 0<Re(s)<1

    I've tried breaking it down to the real and imaginary parts, but even then I was back to the problem of trying to integrate with cos(u)+isin(u) issues.
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    [tex]\int_1^e \frac{(\ln v)^{s - 1} - (\ln v)^{-s}}{v - 1} \,dv

    According to Mathematica, the integral doesn't converge. It doesn't seem to be able to find an indefinite integral either.
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