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Integrals book

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    Hello I have a test in calculus.. all of it.. 1 2 and 3 , and I can enter all the stuff I want to the exam.. anyone can suggest me a good integral list book. A book that has allot of integrals, but calculus related.. all the books I've found online are huge and has allot of integrals that I do not even understand..

    Thank you.
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    There are tons of tons book avaliable, just google it

    go for Calculus by Howard Anton.
  4. Jun 26, 2010 #3
    I just need a list of integrals..
    like that cos^2(x) = 0.5(x+sin(x)cos(x))
    and stuff like this for the exam..
    Just a list of integrals.
    Thank you.
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    Here is one of the link,


    Just search Integration Tables on google or search special functions book, specially on gigapedia
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    Thank you.
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    welcome !
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