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Homework Help: Integrate this.

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    integrate this.......

    integration of (tan inverse x)^2
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    Please show any work you have done or thoughts you have had before we start helping.
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    did your function meen

    f(x)=(arctan x)^2

    if its true
    f(x)=(arctan x)(arctan x)
    and solve it by parts
    remmember that
    the derivative of arctan x is 1/(1+x^2)
    then i think you should take a subtitution of arctan x=t
    because you would have arctan x and its derivative in the same integral

    i am not sure its the right way

    another way to do by parts is to take 1 as u'
    and the rest of the function to take as V
    just some thoughts
    good luck
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