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Integrated analog components?

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to do some kind of keyboard device which has like 12-15 digital inputs and outputs to a serial USB port. Because other similar circuits I've seen I know I need a microcontroller and some capacitors. The problem is, my device has to be very small and I can't put capacitors and a big IC all over the place. I guess the best option would be some Analog/digital IC with everything integrated inside, but I don't know if this is even possible. Ideally I would like just an IC of that kind, the smallest possible one, and just circuits for the rest (and the buttons of course). SMD capacitors are also an option but I would prefere everything inside de IC.

    Is this even possible? If someone can make some clarifications I would be happy

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    Welcome to the PF.

    No, you will not integrate much capacitance inside of an IC. But you also should not need much in the way of capacitance on a small keyboard device.

    But you also mentioned "inputs and outputs" -- what exactly would this device do?

    It will be hard to get much simpler than to use a PIC or other microcontroller (uC) that has USB interface capability...
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    Sorry, I said it wrong, with "outputs" I meant with USB capability as you said. The problem is that I have opened various keyboards/controllers and all of them seem to have electrolityc capacitors and also a ceramic one, they also have surface mounted ones at the same time though, that made me think that perhaps they are needed in some way. I don't know if all of them could be replaced by surface mounted ones instead, probably they do. The electrolityc ones are 1uF 50V.

    If you say that for a keyboard you could put them all inside an IC I understand that it could be done also with SMD so.. that would be enough for this. I realize now that the idea about integrating all this in just one IC is probably crazy, but I have heard that there are somewhat programmable mixed IC's.
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