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Integrated Engineering at UBC?

  1. Aug 17, 2012 #1
    So even though I'm a couple years from choosing my engineering program, (I'm going to be doing a year of science in the 2012/2013 year, and then there's the first year of engineering that schools in BC have, which is the same no matter the program you go into in the second year) I'm still trying to decide early, I don't want to come up to the application not even knowing what I'm signing up for.

    I've been looking over their programs a lot, and Integrated Engineering caught my eye, but to be honest it seems to have the least information on UBC's website. I get that it gives you a broad understanding of the different engineering disciplines, but would it be hard to find a job when you're so unspecialized?

    Besides that it seems like you'd be limited in your technical electives since you wouldn't have as much knowledge in the subjects as someone who is majoring in that field. Meaning you might not meet prerequisites for the courses you want to take.

    Despite all that, versatility has always been really important to me, and narrowing down my studies to a single field seems constraining, so the potentials of the program entice me.

    I'm thinking Mechatronics might be a better choice, as it does give you quite a bit of versatility, but it's more established and while being versatile actually has a focus.

    If you're not familiar with the program: http://www.igen.ubc.ca/prospective_students/program/index.php [Broken]

    What are your thoughts?
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