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Integrated MSc in physics

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    What do u think about studying Integrated MSc in physics in Mysore University.It's a 5 year Master degree program(undergraduate to postgraduate in continuoes 5 years).They are getting stipent of Rs.1000/- per month. o:)
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    Well if i had to study Msc Physics in "India"...i would preferably study at IIT Kanpur becoz the Physics Dept. at IITK is one of the best in India and the faculty is Brilliant....By the way Last to last year ..one Guy scored the Third Rank in IIT JEE but took Msc Physics Dept. in IITK simply and this dept. is mostly taken by guys having the ranks of the order of 3000..If u are just 12th passed i would advise u to go for Jee...becoz making around 3000 rank in jee is not a tough task if u are really interested in Physics....On the other hand India is full of Engg. Institutes but they lack even the optimum facilities...
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    Actually I am a student of Integrated MSc in physics in Mysore University.We got through an All India level examination.Total 15 seats exits.We are getting Rs.1000/- per month as scholarship from central government.We need to expend money only for our own personel use.There is course fee.

    Any way the faculity in this department consists of efficient professors.The syllabus was prepared based on syllabus of Cambridge Univesity.We are the students of first batch.The main problem is that no one knows about this course.If u are seeking a scientific career I would prefer this course to any other degree.Any I request you to inform your friends and relatives about this course."We want a brilliant juniors"
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    Sorry,i will try to send my Friends and Relatives to IIT becoz i am myself studying at IIT Kanpur and i know "IITK " is the Best atleast in India...i am not in Physics but in Computer Science Department...So this is my home institute and i love it very much....By the way i do know about Mysore University well...
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    when will be the notification

    plz tell me when will be the notification will be in for integrated m.sc of mysore uni.
    thanx in advance
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    Next year onwards , many depts including chemistry and biology are starting integrated MSc batch. Chemistry dept in this university is the best dept.You please share this information with your friends.If you are studying +2 then study well try to get through the exam.Exam will be conducted by june or july. You can contact me at thomate1@yahoo.co.in or tm1729@gmail.com.
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    what is the stipend urs college providing?
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    There will be no stipent for all others except physics students.For physics students they will get Rs.1000/- per month for 5 years considering 10 months per year.So I will get Rs. 50000/- during my 5 year course.
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    nice...and what's the fees?
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    It is the intersting part. We hav no course fee at all. We have to spend only for exam fees and for other personal needs. In last sem exam fee was only Rs. 520/-. We are staying in Lecture quarters provided by university. We are getting good food and costs only Rs 800/- per month. What's your fees in IIT for Integrated MSc? :smile:
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    It costs nothing if u get MCM otherwise it is around 8000 per semester i guess not sure...For Btech it is 24 ooo per sem. and many students are able to get MCM here who have Financial Problems..SO Money is not that big problem.
  13. Mar 16, 2005 #12

    I am updating my report.Examination will be held by May or June.The last date for getting application form may be May 25.If u are intrested, have a try
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    Many people are seeking information about this exam now
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  16. May 21, 2005 #15
    Date announced

    You can download the application forms for Integrated MSc
    physics from June 10 onwards . The last date for submission of
    application will be june 30 and examination will be conducted on July

    For further details log on to www.physics.uni-mysore.ac.in[/URL]

    If u wants to know details about Integrated MSc in Chemistry, log on
    to [PLAIN]www.chemistry.uni-mysore.ac.in/5msc/[/URL]
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  17. May 28, 2005 #16
    Hey ppl...good to c some discussion goin on,on the topic of masters in physics in india...can somebody please,please tell me abt MSc physics in IIT-Guwahati? How good is the course/department there?I'm aware that it's a relatively new institute and that the entrance exam for MSc physics is not covered under JAM...they have their own test..but was wondering y...is somebody aware of how good the physics faculty there,is??
  18. May 28, 2005 #17
    physics @ iit-g

    Hey ppl...good to c some discussion goin on,on masters in physics in india.i wanted to know how good the physics department in IIT-Guwahati is,for MSc.i'm aware that the admission is not covered under JAM,but a separate entrance test is held..but was wondering y...someone plzzz tell me if MSc physics in IIT-G is good...
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    I Am New To Jin The Site Ane Donot Know How To Get Benifits From It Plz Let Me Know About This
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    I don't know muchn about dept of IIT-G, but i can say one thing that our physics dept is excellent
  21. Jun 9, 2005 #20
    Hi there,

    I'm going into my 3rd year of a MPhys (quite like an MSci) course that lasts 5 years at St Andrews Uni, Scotland. Basically what we do is the same as the BSc for the first 4 years (although there are more modules and more work to do) and we do the real project work in the last year. I think they are definetly worthwhile, and have that extra letter makes you much more employable!

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