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Integrating xsinxcosxdx

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    How do you integrate

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    Inegrate by parts: u=x, dv=sinxcosxdx=sinxd(sinx)
    You get x(sinx)2/2 -integral of (1/2)(sinx)2dx

    You should be able to proceed (using double angle formula for cos to get rid of (sinx)2/2).
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    2sin(x)cos(x) = sin(2x)
    you can write the integrand function
    [tex]x/2 \cdot \sin (2x)[/tex]
    you can use first the substitution
    and then use integration by part formula to integrate
    [tex]y/4 \cdot \sin (y)[/tex]
    it is EASY if you choose to derive [tex]y/4[/tex] and integrate [tex]\sin(y)[/tex].
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    You can solve any question like this by expressing sin(x), cos(x), etc in terms of their exponential form and multiplying everything out.

    cos(x) = [exp(ix)+exp(-ix)]/2
    sin(x) = [exp(ix)-exp(-ix)]/(2i)
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