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Integration and Comple Numbers

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    I have just finished my a levels.Integration has been a big problem while learning it.Could you give tips how to study integration .Also comple numbers.May be you could reccomend some books 4 me.
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    I would say that memorize all the formulas and never get behind. Integration could be tricky. suppose you have done excersie 11.5 and you are moving to exercise 11.6 before you go on make sure you know the trick to that exercise(11.5).
    I can also help you in integration .
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    i would say the opposite, try to understand the ideas behind the formulas, and remembering them willcome automatically.

    forget about tricks. look for understanding. try any book. if it dos not help try another until you find one that speaks to you.

    on compklex integration i liked courant as always.
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    I agree with the last post about memorizing formulas.
    Don't memorize formulas, but learn how to derive them. The more you use them the more they stick in your memory anyhow.
    However I do think that knowing the 'trick' to solve a particular problem is useful... a lot of problems can be solved using some trick technique you had learnt from a different (even seemingly unrelated) problem. Of course you should always go for understanding, but knowing various tricks etc makes problem solving a lot easier I find.
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