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Does the integral of x(ln x)^4 =
x^2/x(ln x)^4 - x^2(ln x)^3 + 3/2 x^2 (ln x)^2 - 3/2 x^2(ln x) + 3/2 x +C ?

Or did I do something completely wrong?
Sorry I didn't show my work, it would probably take me 30 mins to type it up here.


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Why don't you try differentiating it and see? That's all we could do anyway, and we won't do your tedious work for you.


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Maple gives


and, in the future, try (which in this case does not give the form of the answer your looking for.)
LOL, i forgot about differentiating that. Damn, i was so tired after solving that my mind shut down. LOL THanks.

Thanks benorin too, my professor was telling us about some website that does that, and i forgot to write it down.
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