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Integration by parts

  1. Feb 1, 2010 #1
    the problem is find the integral of xarctan(x^2)dx

    i set w = x^2, so 1/2dw = xdx

    then i plug that into the integral to get

    the integral of 1/2arctan(w)dw

    so i let u = arctan(w) and dv = dw
    so du = dw/(1+w^2) and v = w

    so then the integral of udv = uv - integral of vdu

    so 1/2(w*arctan(w) - integral of w * 1/(1+w^2)dw is what i end up with

    but then if i would have to do integration by parts on the second integral

    which gets me at

    1/2(w*arctan(w) - wln(1+w^2) - integral of ln(1+w^2)dw

    and that gets me stuck due to the having to take the antiderivative of the natural log

    any help would be appreciated. and sorry if its hard to read
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    You can do the second integral using the substitution u=w2+1. You don't need to integrate by parts.
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