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Integration in maple

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    how i can integrata function with parameters thats limits have parameter 2 in maple?

    please help me
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    If you mean something like $\int_{a}^{b}\int_{g(x)}^{h(x)}f(x,y)\, dydx$ then the Maple syntax is

    Code (Text):
    int( int( f(x,y),y=g(x)..h(x) ), x=a..b);
    The spaces are not necessary, just to make it readable.
    Otherwise, use the command ?MultiInt or ?int or ?Student
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    int*(gamma[0](3*cos(2*`μπ`*(1/2))+3/2-(1/2)*x^2)^4/(`#msup(mi("x"),mo("."))`(4*x^2*gamma[0]^2-`ℏ`^2*Omega^2)*sqrt(((1/4)*rho[0]^2-x^2)*(x^2-(1/4)*rho[g]^2))), x = rho[g] .. sqrt(rho[0]^2+rho[g]^2)/(2*sqrt(2)))

    in use that but still i have no correct output
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    Your first error is the 4th character. You want

    Next: what is gamma[0] ... a function as in the numerator, or a constant as in the denominator?

    With the quartic under the radical, it looks like an elliptic integral.

    What is x with superscript dot?
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