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Integration limits doubt

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    I saw in a question related to Signals and systems that the limits were taken from 5- to 10+ where the signs were in the feet of the numbers..lol..i don't know what you call that. What does this mean?
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    Simon Bridge

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    You mean like: $$y=\int_{5_-}^{10_+}f(x)dx$$ ?

    Can you provide a reference or a context?
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    This is not a precalc question. I am moving it to the General Math sections.
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    This would make more sense if the integral were written like this:


    That would indicate that there were discontinuities at 5 and 10. To evaluate such an integral, you need to break the integral into two integrals, and use limits at the problem points.

    As stated in post #1, this doesn't make much sense to me.
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    Unless there are delta functions at x = 5 or x = 10, the + or - subscripts on the limits have no effect.
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    Before we postulate further on what the question is asking, we should wait for the OP to return to clarify the question.
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