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Integration problem (check my work)

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


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    I actually solved it, but I fear it might be wrong (that and my calculator says a different answer).

    Anyway, I factored a 1/7 out of the equation, to make the equation (1/7)(integrate)((cos(x)/(sin(x)+21)). I subsituted (sin(x)+21) for u, and made du cos(x).

    This made the integral (1/u), which I turned into ln(u). Now I had (1/7)*ln(u). I just rewrote that into ln(u)/7, then subbed sin(x)+21 into u, making the answer ln(sin(x)+21)/7.

    Did I do anything wrong here?
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    if i understood what you wrote it should be like this after factoring the 1/7
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    Yes. The denominator is 7sin(x)+ 21= 7(sin(x)+ 3).
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