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Integration question

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    If ∫4x dx is read as integrate 4 with respect to x, then what is there's no x so that ∫4 d?. Integrate 4 with respect to nothing?
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    ∫4x dx is read, "the integral of 4x with respect to x."

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    No, it isn't. It would be read as "integrate 4x with respect to x"

    [itex]\int 4 d[/itex] is an incorrect notation. You do not need an x in the function to be integrated (it can be a constant function) but you cannot have "d" in an integral without a variable: [itex]\int 4dx= 4x+ C[/itex], [itex]\int 4 dt= 4t+ C[/itex], etc.
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