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Homework Help: Integration question

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    Could anyone evaluate this integral for me? I got it in an exam and didn't know how to do it.

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    let u = x-1/2 and do the substitude,...
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    What do you mean? Can you evaluate it completely showing the steps?
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    Ok, Mathematica was definitely wrong. There's going to be a trig substitution in this integral somewhere.
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    Mathematica is **** and I'm sure thats not a right answer.
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    what do I mean? I thought I make it very clear already!

    let [tex] u=x-\frac{1}{2} [/tex]

    It become:


    [tex]=\int\sqrt{\frac{1}{4}-u^2 }du[/tex]


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    Sick, thanks.
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    And one more thing:"Mathematica" is ALWAYS RIGHT...:grumpy:

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    Cute factoring.

    What I would have done is "complete the square": x- x2= 1/4-1/4+ x-x2= 1/4-(x-1/2)2 which would have led me to the u= x- 1/2 substitution. Once I had it in the form [itex]\sqrt{\frac{1}{4}- u^2}[/itex] I would use a trig substitution.
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