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Intel pay grade levels

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    Do you know the corresponding years of experience range for Intel pay grade level 7, 8 , 9
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    Can some one suggest a different sub -forum where I might get an answer on the
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    It's rather unlikley that anyone here might work for Intel and know this.
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    Even if they did, it would be unlikely that they would post that information. If I had that information I would simply refer you to HR. There's no internet stranger that's worth a career.
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    I dunno, I have seen similar posts with different companies
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    Have you tried contacting the company? If you're serious about finding a job there and have the credentials I don't see why they wouldn't tell you.
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    if intel employee's conditions are as atrocious as people told me years ago they are probably too busy to even browse PF
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    Because most companies don't want to tell people how much they are paying their employees. if they are planning to hire someone it is much better for them if the person they are hiring does NOT know how much he "should" be getting while they are negotiating.
    I don't know what the system is in at Intel, but there is usually some variability even within a certain pay grade (especially when you add perks etc.)

    I just finished negotiating a a new contract (albeit in the UK), and the fact that I knew what the average salary was in each pay grade did help a lot (which did not stop HR from trying to offer me a lower salary than I "should" have).

    (btw. the reason I had access to salary statistics was because I was negotiating the terms for a permanent position, I've had various temporary contract with the same institute for years so I have legitimate access to all internal documents)
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    Definitely agree , I have some information. It would be good to know the typical years expeience that go along w/ the pay grades, I have accepted the offer in Folsom. I know pay grade levels are not talked about here. Base salary is very good , from what I gather my grade may be
    low for my experience
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