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Intel Processor Test Rig

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    Every semester, at least one of my classes involves a project. For Mechanics of Materials, we made a beam, performed an analysis and tested in a universal bending machine. For Thermodynamics, we had to design a HVAC system that provided Heating/Air Conditioning, dehumidification, a cool water supply, and power using microturbines. For Fluids, we had to make a working model of a Urinary System and perform an analysis on the flowrates and use the non-dimensional correlations to scale the findings back down to a human size bladder. This semester, we had to make a test rig for an Intel Chip. Here is the project statement:

    The hardest part about this project was that it was completely open. Anything goes, so long as you can provide up to 2000W of power. As my professor said, it's deceptively simple at first sight.
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    I'm actually quite interested in this and the links don't work...

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