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Intelligence vs Structure

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    What is the difference between intelligence and structure? Obviously you can't have intelligence without structure can you? In fact that's all intelligence is -- or, let's say derived from -- a highly advanced form of structure. Indeed, without the stucture of the human brain, the most advanced structure we're aware of, we would not be able to maintain our intelligence. And yet what is structure, except that which is most basic and essential to the Universe as a whole? In other words, is there anything about the Universe which is not structured? I think science would have to answer that with an emphatic "no." Or else what are they doing looking for "structure" in all things? So, what else are we to conclude, except that intelligence is the highest outcropping of structure to the Universe? Hmm ...

    Which of course brings up the notion that the Universe is intelligent or, perhaps intelligently designed. Is such a thing possible? Well, at the very least, we have to admit that it is so-arranged (structured) to support intelligence. Whereas the only means we have by which to verify this is through intelligence, our own. Indeed. So, we have structure producing intelligence, and intelligence acknowledging structure. What could seem more natural than that? ... Could it be that the whole thing has come full circle and, that intelligence has in fact begotten intelligence? It wouldn't be the first time the Universe has demonstrated an ability to replicate itself. In fact it happens all the time. Which would also imply that it was part of its inherent design.
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    It depends what one means by "structured." What would it mean for something not to be structured? Do random events could as unstructured in some way?

    No, that's a non-sequitur. By your own account, intelligence is the "highest outcropping of structure to the Universe." So your own definition implies that most of the universe's structure is not intelligent.

    And certainly intelligent design is not implied by your account of intelligence either. If intelligence must be carried by sophisticated structures, then intelligent design must entail that some highly advanced structure must have existed in the first instance, before the simpler structures of physics were brought into existence. And of course, this notion of intelligent design then loses all contact with physics, in spite of your apparent attempt at physical plausibility in the first paragraph of your post. Is this just an oversight on your part or is it duplicitous? Hmm...

    Agreed, but you seem to think that these claims imply much more than they actually do.

    It could be in principle, but only if one appeals to something beyond the physical universe. It could also be (apologies for my triteness) that a pink metaphysical elephant exists too. That has nothing to do with the observation that intelligence must be supported by structure, but neither does intelligent design.

    I wasn't aware that our universe had created a copy of itself!

    Certain structures within the universe replicate. These structures do so because of the fundamental ways in which the universe works, yes. But your choice of the word "design" here is clearly trying to smuggle in a little something extra that does not follow from the initial discussion. Because of the apparent doublespeak and inconsistent/invalid reasoning in this thread, I do not think it will be productive for us to continue.
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