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Intelligent by Vote

  1. Jul 13, 2016 #1
    If people are who claim you're intelligent, then people need to be questioned (each and every one). They need to answer why you're intelligent, substantially.

    Intelligence is not a vote, intelligence is an adaptation of the mind.

    "What?" or a show of misconception is not substantial proof that one is intelligent or one has the intelligent view in a debate or discussion.
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    Your statements are a bit garbled. What is the point of your post? Do you have a question?
  4. Jul 13, 2016 #3
    This is the general discussion board.

    'Something' was posted.

    You dismissed the whole of that 'something', and have produced an off-topic comment. It's your post that's garbled.
  5. Jul 13, 2016 #4
    I vote that the OP is not intelligent.
  6. Jul 13, 2016 #5
    Why is that?

    My mind has adapted to the world; I, personally, live quite fortunately.
  7. Jul 13, 2016 #6
    Because I voted so. You want to characterize intelligence by votes, so the very action of my vote means you're not intelligent. If you want a reason, then you admit it's not the vote that makes somebody intelligent.

    Cool. I'm happy for you.
  8. Jul 13, 2016 #7
    You misunderstood or didn't read the original post, or you're trolling me with a pseudo-sense of a greater intelligence.
  9. Jul 13, 2016 #8
    If your original post is so incredibly vague, then it's not our fault for not understanding you!! It's yours. My vote stands.
  10. Jul 13, 2016 #9
    Nope, just your understanding of it.

    Soon you will form a group of people who misunderstand and attempt to destroy the thread.
  11. Jul 13, 2016 #10
    Trust me, destroying this thread would be the merciful thing to do!
  12. Jul 13, 2016 #11

    Because you've provided a non-argument, non-discussion and are reducing it all to your primitive self, your wants and emotions.
  13. Jul 13, 2016 #12
    That's the entire point isn't it? You want intelligence to be voted on. But the people who vote will be lesser minds such as me. Isn't that a problem?
  14. Jul 13, 2016 #13
    My mind has adapted to thinking your posts make no sense.
  15. Jul 13, 2016 #14
    No, your mind has not adapted.
  16. Jul 13, 2016 #15
    His mind can't adapt?
  17. Jul 13, 2016 #16
    Is being omniscient a part of having an adapted mind?
  18. Jul 13, 2016 #17
    No, it didn't adapt, he was just joking.

  19. Jul 13, 2016 #18
    He's joking when he said you made no sense, because I hardly think it was a joke... So how come he thinks it makes no sense?
  20. Jul 13, 2016 #19
    So you admit you're not omniscient?
  21. Jul 13, 2016 #20
    You guys make no sense.

    The intelligent thing to do is leave you alone and fix your mistakes from the outside.

    An old quote from me: "This wisdom will echo throughout the world, and the only force to stop it is your own."

    You are not wise, unfortunately.
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