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Intelligent Design

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    I'd like to open up a conversation on intelligent design. What are your thoughts on this subject? I'm being sparse right now so as not to influence or direct/misdirect the discussion. I'd like to see first impressions without my throughts first provoking a thought. For instance, I might start talking about what I think about it but then it'd be clear what the term "intelligent design" meant to me. I'd rather first see what the term means to you. I ask this question due to the recent appearance of the topic in the media.

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    Pete, I'm locking this thread for now simply because there are already a number of threads in GD, P&WA, and several of the philosophy forums on intelligent design. If there is something more specific about the ID movement or its ideas that you would like to discuss, run a search and check through the other threads first to see if it has already been tackled. If not, go ahead and repost your thread, but be specific about the angle you want to approach this from. If there is nothing to distinguish your thread from the others, there is no reason to start a new thread.
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