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Medical Intelligent drugs (MOdaphinil)

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    has anyone from the US or England tried Modaphinil or similar to improve intelligence ?? does it really works or is just another Hoax.

    this topic was treated in the tv show "The Simpsons" when Bart takes Focusin ( a parody on ritalin ) and becomes a genius but extremely maniatic
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    What do you mean by "improve intelligence"? Note that cartoons are generally jokes, and not meant to portray things that would or should happen in real life.
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    For example Modaphinil or 'Amphakinas' are alleged to create new synaptic connections between neurones , or increase your IQ
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    Can you inform me on the source of your claim? From what I know Modafinil nor Ritalin does not increases your IQ, it may improve memory , but not IQ. They also help with being more alert which can help in obtaining a better gpa.
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    There is no evidence whatsoever that Modafinil increases intelligence. It can help keep a patient alert and stave off tiredness, but to the best of my knowledge no evidence has been found that it makes people smarter.

    As with all such things, you'll probably find that a better aid to learning than Modafinil is getting a good night's sleep.
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