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Intelligent Photons?

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    The constancy of the speed of light = c. Is it possible that light "adjusts' it speed based on "knowing" the relative velocities of every object around itself? Is this an alternative to time and space changing with speed? Anything as bizarre as invariant speed also seems to be yet another strange quantum phenomenon.
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    no, that's just silly.

    Yes, the constancy of light speed IS pretty bizarre, but not as much as many things in quantum mechanics.

    It appears that you want the universe to be make intuitive sense to humans. It doesn't. Get over it.
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    Two answers....
    1) Yes, it is possible. But this is just idle speculation (that is, no one is likely to pay much attention to it) until this line of thought leads to a theory that predicts some result that is not predicted by relativity.

    2) The notion that the speed of light in vacuum is constant for all observers isn't quite so bizarre if you consider that that speed can be derived from the laws of electricity and magnetism. The only way different observers could see different speeds of light would be if they were getting different laws of physics, and that's even more bizarre. One of the great challenges of physics a century ago was to work out which bizarreness we're stuck with.
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    Photons might be 'more intelligent' than us in that they can travel at 'c' and we can't. On the other hand, we might be smarter because we can stop...in any just about any frame.... and they can't!
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