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Intend to move to Canada for graduate studies

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    Some of my friends and I intend to move to Canada for graduate studies(computer science, biology, archeology, geology, enviromental engineering), I really need as much advice as possible before getting there. Please help..Thanks

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    To study in Canada: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/permit-who.html [Broken]
    I think you basically have to show that you can pay your way.

    http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/skilled/assess/ [Broken]

    "Skilled Worker Self-Assessment"
    I got a 80, but I had to fudge my french ability (none) and I assumed I had a job offer of some kind.
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    Thank you

    you are serious right ?
    I could reach 52...failed!

    But that was teh first time I took the test. I didn't try teh second time but I guess I would be able to move up to 90 or so if some other tries were made...
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    well as a student you can ignore the Skilled Worker Self-Assessment test. I would apply to various canadian schools and ask the contact there how you can get fin aid (if you need it)
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    It is freezing as hell here in Canada,however weather in Vancouver never goes below 0 C, and overall is nice place to live.Rest of this country freezez for 6 months. :bugeye:
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    Its better to live in a cold place than in a hot one. I like cold cold place. When it gets cold, just wear a bunch of clothes and go out chilling with friends. In a hot country, you can not do something sillmillar like this. :tongue2: :tongue2:
    Thanks kptr2 and tumor, Have yourselves a really funny and prosperous new year!
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    Thanks and same for You!
    There is always bright spot when moving to Canada for studies.
    First you gonna save some cash(everything is cheaper), schools are very good, and appears there is less crime here.Ontario has very good Universities and Colleges.Good luck!
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