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Intensity of Hydrogen spectral line

  1. Aug 16, 2007 #1
    I would like to calculate the intensities of Hydrogen spectral lines for the case of Hydrogene at temperature T contained inside a volume V.

    I reckon that what I need is

    1)The mean population of the upper energy level
    2)The probability of transition between the levels

    I believe that the mean population of a quantum state will be given by Bose statistics, so that of an energy level will be the same multiplied by the degeneracy of the energy level.

    For the transition probabilities I have no clue. When we deal with atoms subjected to a field those are usually calculated by perturbation theory, for which one needs a perturbative Hamiltonian. I have no clue how to arrive at the latter here. Nor do I think that the influence of the whole surrounding would be small enough to be a perturbation.

    Help is really appreciated!
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