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Interacial Dating (Been in one / considering?)

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    The demographics at my school favors one side over the other. Without giving out my ethnicity, I'm in the minority demographic and lately I've been getting more and more turned on by the majority demographic. It's gotten to the point where my next girlfriend, I'm pushing for someone from the majority ethnicity.

    Any of you guys / girls have experience with this kind of thing? How do you break into this unspoken "taboo"? People certainly are going to look at me and the girl funny. Not to mention how the girls from my own ethnicity will act seeing me with "another" girl.

    Anyone considering dating someone of the different ethnicity, race or dated or is dating?

    Lastly, to the ladies, how do you feel about dating guys of other ethnicity's?
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    Me ex was Canadian. It was hell.
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    When you truly love somebody, why does it matter

    1) What ethnicity your partner has.
    2) What other people think about you and your partner.

    I don't really think that picking people on basis of their ethnicity really works. You can't pick and choose your partner. It doesn't work that why. In my (limited) experience, love has to hit you. And if your partner happens to be another/thesame race as you, then so be it. It doesn't matter.

    And stop believing other peoples opinion. Other people don't matter and have no right to judge you on petty details.
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    Yeah... people can look all they want! it doesnt matter.
    But... I am not keen that you are doing this to fit in! that doesnt work!! its a bad motive!
    Its only natural to find other ethnicities hot though cos they are more 'special' in your mind cos they are different and exciting.
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    So if I am Puerto Rican and she is Peurto Rican than since we are boht considered ethnicities, does that make us both specail, different, and exciting as a couple ?:wink:
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    I'm white.... My gf of 4 years is Korean... I really don't see an issue with dating outside your ethnicity. Over the years I've learned a lot of Korean words, opened myself to an entirely different culture and was/am able to experience their foods and traditions in a whole new light... It is interesting seeing her family, but they are very accepting and really nice people.

    Then again I also live in Hawaii which is very culturally diverse.

    If you like someone, go for it. It doesn't matter what ethnicity they are. You might just find the love of your life.
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    It is moot. The OP - and his opinions - have been ejected from PF.
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    Love knows no racial boundaries. Although pursuing interracial dating might cause some future stress on both partners, there are lots of couples that are successful even though they come from different races.
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    OP is gone.
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