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Interactive Plotting

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    I'm doing a small project for a modelling course that is showing the physics of a golf ball going through the air, drag force included. Let's say I have an interactive slider that allows me to manipulate the initial angle and velocity (a pretty common interaction) of the ball before I hit a trigger that shows its path as a projectile through the air. Is there a way to keep the initial plot on the screen while I choose another set of parameters for the program to run. Say, I choose 45 degrees initially and then I want to show it against a 55 degree plot, is that possible? I can't find any documentation online.

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    Well, you typically can do anything if you program it yourself, but that takes a bit of a learning curve. Have you heard of VPython?
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    Yeah, but I forgot to mention that this is only using Mathematica. I know that makes a huge difference.
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