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Interactive timeout

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    Since yesterday I have lost two posts that I was editing due to interactive timeouts. When I went to save the posts, I was prompted to login, but the posts weren't saved and when I used the back button none of the text that I had typed in was there (only the quoted material from here I have clicked on the "quote" button).

    A few days ago I set my browser to block third-party cookies, does that have anything to do with this?
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    If you've been composing, thinking, editing, rewriting, and don't want to lose the post to the timeout, copy the entire post with Cntrl-C before hitting "submit." If you made it in time, no problem. If you find you've been logged out, you can log in, go back to the thread, get into the posting window, and hit Cntrl-V. Saves your work, you can take your time.
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    Thanks, but what I would like to know is if there is any way to: 1) have an open editing session saved automatically on timeout; 2) extend my timeout limit; or 3) get a warning before a timeout?
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    Not currently. Be sure to select the "remember me" check box. It will prevent getting logged out. I was having that problem until I checked the box.
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    Thanks, Evo.
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