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Interactive Trigonometry

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    I recently was given an assignment to find three interactive websites that refer to sine, cosine, and tangent. This wouldn't be a problem... if it weren't for the fact that the laptops they are required to run on do not have Java, and cannot load the applets. I need the URLs for these sites by no later than, say, eleven o' clock tonight.

    I'm posting here because I simply can NOT find a website that does not utilize Java applets, and am at the end of my tether. Any websites would be greatly, greatly appretiated. They can be emailed to jpgohlke@gmail.com.

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Have you tried to google "trigonometry"? You will get lots of web sites. See if any will do.
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    any game dev site would use lots ofd trig but not actually have trig demos
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    The problem isn't lack of websites. It's that all the websites rely on Java Applets to run their programs/all the interactive parts. As I said, I can't use Java, so I need things that are server side or use some other format. I just discovered that flash doesn't work either... heh.
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    http://www.tarrantit.com/VisualTrig/ [Broken]
    http://www.publicjoe.f9.co.uk/javas/javmaths.html [Broken]
    I googled: javascript trigonometry
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    ...That's exactly the opposite of what I need. What I'm saying is that I need things that do not use Java. They can not use Flash, either. They need to be server side applications. .php, .asp, whatever.

    Anyhow, it doesn't matter now. It's all worked out, thanks for all your help.
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    FYI: "Javascript is not Java"
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