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Interactive Video Games?

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    If there was a device that allows the simulation of walking (maybe a practical omni-direction treadmill), would gamers be interested in such a product. For example, wii has many products that allow video games to be more interactive but all of which you can't walk or run with. With this be a big product?
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    It sounds like it would be really expensive once you got all the bugs and safety issues worked out and not many people would be able to afford it.

    The best thing would be to hirea game-theatre-type place of VR games, and sell VR units to the game-theatre. People who can afford to have a whole room of their house be used for a game might also buy your product.

    Then you could design a new operating system that you can host 3D applications on and artists, architects, and engineers will all be on board too, designing their projects by walking around inside of them.

    I would like 10%, thank you.
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    It might be a good idea for an arcade, or even a gym. I think I'd be more willing to hop on a treadmill if I could feel like I was doing something while walking or running on it since usually they are just very boring to me. I'm more in favor of just going out and doing the actual activity than playing it on a video game, but they're good alternatives for when the weather is cruddy
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    What about if the system was about 2 feet in length? So that it would fit nicely in a room. Would it be more practical?
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    I believe that Wii has a product that tracks body motion and will translate it into walking/ect. No treadmill.

    Wii has a line of exercise games. They are rather successfully expanding the women's market in gaming.
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    The origional nintendo had that. It was a pad you could run on.
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    But did it feel like running? So it does it feel like you're actually in the game.
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