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Interest issues

  1. Nov 7, 2007 #1
    P=13+45*ln*x represents the percentage of inbound e-mail in the U.S. that is considered spam, where x is the number of years after 2000. say you use 2003, i keep figurin out this out and i get 12.18 and 5.045, i like to have someone tell me if im right or wrong
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    Do you mean [tex] \[
    P = 13 + 45\ln (x)
    [/tex] ?

    The natural log of 3 is about 1.0986, or close to 1.10,
    so in your example, P = 62.5
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    What a model... it suggests that all email will be spam as of November of last year.
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    Pretty much matches my inbox :rofl:
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