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Interested in how sound works from the 'human perception

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    Hi...I am very interested in how sound works from the 'human perception' side of it. I want to know how different sounds and harmonics interact...for example, two noises making 50dB of sound each, we do not hear 100dB of sound, yet it is more than 50. I want to know how our ears and mind work together to perceive different sounds.

    I wish I could ask more specific questions, but I'm just looking for resources. ANY would be appreciated.
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    We can survey perceived differences between sounds (audible frequencies) and intensity or loudness (often measured in dB). By consensus, certain combinations of frequencies we perceive as pleasing (http://cnx.rice.edu/content/m11953/latest/) and other combinations displeasing (dissonant).
    For resource, here is some light reading...
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