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Interested in nanotubes and nanotechnology

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    I'm the second year physics student and I'm very interested in nanotubes and nanotechnology. Does anybody know any links to e-books and lectures on nanotubes? Thanks!
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    I didn't find any free e-book on nanotubes.

    Nevertheless, I think that some of these links can help you: :smile:

    Te nanotube site: http://www.pa.msu.edu/cmp/csc/nanotube.html

    And other links:
    From PNAS:

    Appliance of nanoparticles in Biology / Medicine:



    Nanotechnologie (In german)

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    Many thanks! The first link will help me for sure, but the others are very interesting.
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    Thanks a lot ryokan, you really helped my project get better.
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    http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~phys600/natelson/ [Broken]

    maybe useful...
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    Suppose you had enough of these nanotubes lying together on a flat surface, packed like sardines, that your naked eye could see a little patch of them. What color would they be? I have been picturing them as gray, but I have absolutely no justification for that.
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    The stuff I have seen, not pure carbon nanotube, was black. Think of coal, or dark pencil lead.
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    Or diamond ? :smile:
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    Also do check if your university subscribes to any e-book! It's an opportunity one shouldn't let pass by.
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    I know very little about nano-tubes besides that they are cylinders made up of carbon, and they are very strong. Are nanotubes created or are they found in nature? If so where are they found?
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