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Interesting Class Dilemma

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    So next semester I am studying one section of the Philosophy of Physics at Oxford. This is paid for through my college; thus I can only take 9-12 hours (I am going the third term which doesn't start until late April). I am already a little behind because I had trouble deciding and have three majors (Philosophy, Physics, and Mathematics). Thus, my question is, what should I take next semester. My choices are: One philosophy (to finish my major), then my choice of dynamics, optics, electronics, Calculus III, complex analysis, ordinary differential, and linear algebra. I can only take 2 or 3 of these classes (minus philosophy) so I am trying to decide which are the most important. Input?
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    I think you'd have to provide more information for anyone to help you out.

    First, what ones do you REQUIRE for your major? Or are you into all elective courses now? Are any of those prerequisites for the others, or for any other course you will still need to take? If so, those of course need to be given highest priority.

    Otherwise, once all your requirement issues are addressed, what are you planning to do with your triple major? Your ultimate career goal might give clues of which is more important.

    If major requirements and career goals don't give any insight (i.e., you've already taken all the courses offered that are relevant to what you want to do for a career), then just pick whichever sounds most interesting to you.
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    Yeah, I figured I didn't give enough information. I really HAVE to have all of those classes. I am planning to either go to graduate school for a PhD in either theoretical physics or pure mathematics. I will end up taking all of the classes. I guess my question has more to do with order. For example, would it be a big deal if I didn't take Dynamics (because I wouldn't be able to take it again for another year)? Should I get as much Math done as possible before taking more upper-level physics classes?
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