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Interesting Dream/Mathematical Codes

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    I had a interesting dream two nights ago, I will explain it.

    A woman with "Angel" in her name told me the name "Deivion", after this I saw a another woman's name with an "Angel" design by it (as you would see on a card or such).

    Now after this a man approached me with urgentcy crying "10,9" "10,9". As if "10,9" were a key to unlock a mystery. *Another key was given that I will not speak of*

    Now look at these number sequences, "1 5 7 5 1" and "4 5 9 22 9 5 4", the same forward and backwards.

    Now watch as I add the code given to the two number sequences.

    "1 5+9 7 5 1+10" and, "4 5 9 22 9 5+10 4+10" *Notice in the first I used 10,9 in addition and in the second the two 10's were added after the 9 of the sequence. Making in both sequences the use of the key "10,9"

    Here is what results "1 14 7 5 11" and, "4 5 9 22 9 15 14".

    Now using this code, A=1, B=2, C=3,... H=8 Etc. Then you get these two words.

    1=A 14=N 7=G 5=E 11=L making "Angel" and,

    4=D 5=E 9=I 22=V 9=I 15=O 14=N making "Deivion"

    The two words given me both made a sequence using the key the young man gave me "10,9". *Both required the subtraction of "10 or 9" to make a number sequence the same forward and backwards*.

    I also turned the letters in "deivion" that are roman numerals to roman numerals as Johann Bessler did in 1717 in his writing and it made "DeIVIon"

    Do you see the word that comes out of "Deivion" when using the Roman Numeral Code? It makes "Demon". *Interestingly The center I-V-I is a musical cadence*.

    So the dream revealed this,


    Key "10,9" "???" "10,9"

    1 5 7 5 1/4 5 9 22 9 5 4/1 5 7 5 1


    Was a bizzare dream but very interesting.

    Soli Deo Gloria, Jeremy
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    Looks like you went through a lot of trouble to come up with a lot of nonsense.

    1 5 7 5 1, using your code spells AEGEL, not angel. :rolleyes: Just where did you get this number sequence? And I suppose the girl that "told you "DEIVION" made sure she spelled it out, like in a spelling bee "Deivion D E I V I O N Deivion" :tongue2:

    You used 9,10 to turn AEGEL into angel, not the "code" 10,9 that was in your dream.

    As with most dreams, once you look at it upon waking, it just makes no sense. :wink:
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    You are full of crap mister dreamer. You did not have this dream. You are trying to make people believe you are somehow special, but you are a liar. And not a very effective or imaginative one at that.
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    I see it was not wise to post this here.

    Anyways, I will not defend myself concerning being a liar. I had a interesting yet bizarre dream and thought I would share it. I shouldn't expect everyone to believe it. The young dreamer of old was thrown into a pit for his dreams. I shouldn't expect anything less.

    Looking over what I calculated from the dream I had one error in it which related to what Evo said although the error was not in what she said, but on the word "Angel" a mis-calculation on my part. Being L=12 not 11. So it would be 1 5 7 5 2 not 1 5 7 5 1.

    Anyways... God Bless, Jeremy :smile:
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    I had a dream last night where I had to explain seismic wave propagation through the earth. When I woke up I realized that I had explained it correctly. THAT WAS NUTS!!!!!!!!!1 :rolleyes:
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    I don't think he is lying.

    I get pretty crazy stuff too.

    I can play Solitaire in my sleep without mixing up the cards. I can do tons of stuff in my dreams. My brain keeps track of all the details, while I just sit back and play.
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    Interestingly the mind does seem to work better while sleeping for sure... Although strangely bizarre.

    I write Neo-Baroque music and I have noticed when sleeping the music is much better and in full orchestration. Yet, when I awake I cannot hear it as complex as when sleeping. While awake I have to work out the Counterpoint with much more effort.

    I love the music of Johann Sebastian Bach which is very Mathematical and I study musical science. My mind seems to like Mathematical sequences and mathematically constructed music... So I guess it's not a big thing I had a dream like this.

    If you notice in my first post I put "A=1, B=2, C=3... H=8 Etc." BACH
    The number realtions I used with the dream are ones I am familiar with.

    If anyone is interested... You can hear a four part Fugue I wrote at,

    http://users.castel.nl/~schic02/fuguenew.htm [Broken]

    Just click the Fugue by Jeremy Thompson

    Soli Deo Gloria, Jeremy
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