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Interesting Exam answers

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    not exactly an exam answer but pretty interesting
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    Urban myth. Niels Bohr never had this question on his exam - he told me so.
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    I distinctly remember that as a bit in a sitcom. New teacher comes in and asks a class of nerds the same question. They all give the "scientific" answers, and he just said "I'd find the guy who built the building and say "Hey, I'll give you this barometer if you tell me how tall that building is." It was an 80's sitcom, too.
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    Well, I just got off the phone with him and I beg to differ.
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    That's just plain wrong.

    First of all, how can "bat" be the integration variable and the upper bound?

    Secondly, the integral would equal (batman)^2/2, which is a much more powerful entity than Batman, which Bruce Wayne clearly is not.

    In other words, he should have used differentiation to find Batman's secret identity instead of integration.
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