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Interesting experiment with night vision IR scope

  1. Jun 16, 2012 #1
    I have a hand held night vision scope (Russian made I suspect.) Came with a small Solid State IR "lamp." The IR source is separate and battery powered.

    It has a built in hand operated charger that you squeeze several times and it will hold a "charge" on the sensor for a while and then slowly fade out when viewing low ambient visible scene or one well lit with the IR source. It produces the typical green display through a monocular viewing eyepiece.

    I restricted the aperture of the IR source to about .030 inch diameter and covered it with four layers of dark trash bag plastic. I could still see the light from the IR source reflecting off the floor in a interior closed off room using the scope.

    I added four more layers. (For reference, at about 7 layers a red pointer laser becomes blocked to a dark adapted eye.)

    I then turned the source on (in the very dark room) and pointed it at the scope from about a foot away and pumped the charger several times.

    Every time the charge comes up to peak the scope display through the eyepiece will give 2 or 3 distinct blinks, then nothing until you pump it again and then it will blink exactly the same, the blinks taking place in about a second. These are very short, sharp flashes that light up the entire viewing "screen."

    Is it possible I am seeing what I think I might be seeing.

    Comments appreciated.

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