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Interesting links for you all to look at

  1. Sep 9, 2004 #1
    hello people,
    my name is tom schulte and I am from germany. I have some interesting links
    for you. It would be nice if you would look at them


    these websites tell you about some energie and propulsion systems that could
    revolutionize our world. but why don't I read anything about these
    technologies in a newspaper or on TV and can these technologies really work?
    why don't these people get financial help to research their technologies
    until they are market-ready? and why does no one use it? for example the
    NASA or other companies

    I would be glad if someone could look at these sites and tell me whats going
    on. I would be the best if a physicist would look at the sites.

    thank you very much.

    tom schulte
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    Greetings !

    Relating to 1-3, there's too many information on the web
    for a person to waste all his time on - if you see statements
    or in general very complex words that sound incredibly complex,
    or stuff that sounds like a morning cereal commercial, and yet you
    don't see a single formula with an integral or a short and clear
    explanation of the technology - it is BS. :wink:

    As for 4, ETs are a different subject, and although I would probably
    never believe a so-called abductee or something, there are many
    others things like pilots' testemonies and so on, so I'd rather not
    comment on this. Let's say that I wouldn't be totally surprised if
    some, very rear though, cases have occured and are covered up.

    Peace and long life.
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    Hi Tom, welcome to PF!

    RE: The first one...

    MIRACULOUS! The guy takes a step closer and he leans backward! It must be a warped gravity field! Get the mysterious video, only $16.95.

    I can't find anything quite as patently absurd, but their "how the MEG works" arcticle is pure gibberish.

    Same thing for #3. I have no idea what they are referring to with the "crossed electric & magnetic force vectors" or how they expect to gain thrust from it, and I work with magnetic materials.

    While it is possible that extraterrestrials have been in contact with the government, I find it extremely unlikely.

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    I think that this should be bounced over to Skepticism and Debunking...
    [pushes button]
    [/moderator hat]
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    Spent ages reading this kind pseudo science stuff I think 99.9% of it is easily proved as bogus money making scams etc, but there does apppear to be some research in some of these wild claims like smith/mobius?/caduceus coils. I plan to test these when I find a half decent electronics shop. Its interesting what the physics community was saying about 'lifters' before being widely replicated although almost certaintly nothing to do with a substaintaly new understanding of established physics. Saying that im not a physisist (suprise suprise) only a basic engineering, micro electronics/computer science etc background but I try and read book's and learn more.

    EDIT: unfortunatly I would probably not even know if something unusual was going on unless it quite spectacular.
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