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Homework Help: Interesting Physics Project: Slingshot car

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    for a physics project, i have the task of building a manpowered cart that will fit one person in and slingshoot a regular volleyball a whopping 8-10m! the basic plan so far is to have the cart approximately 5'3 in length and just wide enough to fit the person it. The task is to hit a target composed of a pile of buckets that need to be knocked down. it's been found that in order to have the most powerful force, the slingshot must be positioned at forty five degrees. any ideas on what material could be used to make the slingshot, or how? ideas appreciated!

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    If you cannot get hold of one of those other suggested contraptions :smile: you might get some surgical tubing for your slingshot. Just put "surgical tubing" into google, and you will find vendors. The first one I found was advertising it for use as "spear gun tubing". You will probably want 4 lengths of it to attach to the corners of the "pouch" to stabilize the ball.

    The 45 degrees will give you the longest range, but that does not mean the most powerful force on the target. The most force will be from the fastest ball that can reach the target. Some elevation will be wanted, but I expect you can do with less than 45 degrees.
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