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Homework Help: Interesting question of the probability

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    Interesting question about probability. Someone could help me to find the answer ?
    "One bus arrives in the bus station between [12:58 am, 1:02 pm] and wait 15 seconds before to go out. One man arrives in the station bus between [12:59 am, 1:01 pm] and wait 30 seconds before to take a tax. What's the probability of the man to take the bus ? The time is continuous."
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    I don't see anything interesting about it- it just doesn't make sense. The man arrives on the bus and waits 30 seconds before taking a taxi? Why should he get back on the bus?? Are we to assume that the bus would go in the same direction as he would take a taxi??
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    this is probably a homework problem relating to elementary statistics. Show us your suggestion on how you would adequately account for the problem. hint: find the ranges of the time intervals and the overlap.
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