Interesting question on functions(domain and range) but can't understnd the answer

  1. The question is from A And AS Level/9709 - Mathematics/9709_w10_qp_13.pdf

    question no. 7 (i). I think it should be more than easy for a functions fanatic( or someone who does math regularly for that matter) to get the right answer, but as one can clearly see I can't.
    The answer says 0 < f(x) < 4. But I am getting 0 ≤ f(x) ≤ 4. Why are 0 and 4 not inclusive?
    Because it clearly says in the question X CAN take up 0 and 6, for which the corresponding Y value should be 0 and 4 respectively.
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    hi mutineer123! :wink:
    your answer looks right to me :smile:
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