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Homework Help: Interesting question

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    Hello all Genius people,
    how r u .This question might be easy for u but i am not able to solve this question.Can any body of u tell me to solve this problem in detail.I will be very thank ful to u .plz plz solve in detail.i have spent 2 days just thinking about this question but i was not able to get the right answer.


    A piston cylinder device contains 1.2 kg of nitrogen gas at 120 kpa and 300 kelvin. the gas is now compressed slowly in a polytropic process during whivh PV ^1.3=constant .The process end when the volume is reduced by one-half. Determine the entropy change of nitrogen during the process.
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    Surely your text book contains a formula for caculating entropy under these conditions.
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    no sir nothing is giving for calculating entropy under such conditions plz plz tell me the solution of this question
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