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Interesting thought

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    We have NEVER experienced the physical world around us. Everything we have seen, have heard, have smelled, have tasted, have touched...has all be experienced from within our brains. You are NOT seeing these words on a computer screen in front of you, you are seeing these words INSIDE your brain. Anything you see, is in fact, NOT a real object...it is only a representation of that object that is projected inside your brain. The same applied for all other senses.

    Quite literally, none of us have ever experienced the "real" world around us. Although, our senses have evolved to allow a level that is very impressive.
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    I don't really see what you're trying to get at.

    The only thing that is really not "real" are perceptions. Like color for example is something our brain chooses how to organize. But if you touch a table and see the shape of the table, that is what it is and the table in the shape you see it is real.
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    We perceive the physical world only by our sens, if not how else could you perceive it?
    Besides that we are a part of that physical world, and we can't even perceive ourself without our sens, even if we are just a brain in a bath, with no eyes, ears, nose, and skin, we wouldn't be aware of our physical body / Brain.
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    "Esse est percipi." - George Berkeley
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    No, experiencing the real world is exactly what we are doing. You seem to be confusing experiencing something with individual perceptions of what is experienced.
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    I would suggest you put a TENS unit on your quads to have an experience quite apart from your brain.
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    If no one has ever experienced the real world, then the notion that no one has experienced the real world is thus not reached through an experience of the real world and does therefore lack objective meaning.
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    I can comprahend what you are trying to say Holocene...

    My thoughts on this...
    are you perceiving reality or...
    you are being made to perceive limited reality...or something else...
    or you just can't help it since you are a part of the picture which you are trying to look at...

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    NEVER is a bit of a stretch. When born into this world the healthy brain struggles and makes a model of the world. The very young see the world as raw perceptions. Later when trained we see danger or reward.
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    if you are something in your brain receiving bio-elertricity, you can ask someone pick you out connect you to a computer and make another world for you.
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