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Interesting toys for kids

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    I found a company makes interesting kids toys.

    For kids that have trouble catching baseballs, there's the ball of nails, includes a seperate crow bar like tool for removal of the ball from small hands.

    A halloween favorite is the captain elmo space helmet, bascially a plastic bag and a large rubber band.

    For birthday parties, nothing beats the excitement of the scissors relay game. Two scissors per kid is recommended.

    Fun with electricty, a plug and two exposed wires, what could be more simple?

    Latex tug of war. Very large latex tubing able to handle 1000 lbs of tension. Large spikes are attached at both ends for better grip.

    Running of the pit bulls. The Americanized version of a popular European pasttime. They've contracted with major local junkyard dealears in most cities in the USA to provide an ample supply of dogs for rental.
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    Sounds like a Dan Akroyd SNL skit. Scissors relay would be fun to watch.
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    SNL had two of those, ball of nails and the captain elmo space helmet.
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    I loved that skit. There were two of them IIRC...one for regular products and one for halloween costumes.

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    I never watched SNL (well, I tried a couple of times, but it sucked). Those sound great, though. W just informed me that a couple of grandchildren (out of 13 :bugeye: ) are coming to visit. Might have to stock up. Reminds me of a poem in my father's 1901 joke book.

    Willie found some dynamite
    Couldn't understand it, quite.
    Curiosity never pays;
    It rained Willie seven days.

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    Get the original cast's shows. Gilda Radner, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Garret Morris, Loraine Newman, Jane Curtain. You won't be dissapointed. Also, if you can get Second City TV from Canada its just as good.

    What show did Barry & Lavonne come from? All I remember is that they did it like makin' puddin'. Cook...and chilllllllll.
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    You definitely want the original cast. The first few seasons were great.

    It's kind of interesting how the casts' careers have progressed since their stints on SNL. Even Kinky Friedman, candidate for Governor of Texas, got his start on SNL, singing "Dear Abbie".

    Trivia: The show was originally just called 'Saturday Night'. ABC already had a show called 'Saturday Night Live with Howard Cossell' (or something really similar). Then Chevy Chase left the show, Howard Cossell's show was cancelled, and Bill Murray, one of the Prime Time Players from Howard Cossell's Saturday Night Live, moved to NBC to become one of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players on NBC's newly renamed 'Saturday Night Live'.
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