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Interface State Density

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    I will stress my life to think the idea of a Interface state Density (Dit). I understand the idea of solving the Interface State Density versus Energy distribution graph with given charge pumping measurement. I am very curious about how to get the range of energy by using rising and falling (pulse pattern) equation?.

    I just got value of Dit when using maximum substrate current. It's getting from measurement condition. Howerver, I can not do a relation between energy distribution and trap state density cause Dit value I get from substrate current versus pulse base level graph. I guess I just don't understand the idea on how to create/relate between energy range(E-Ec) and Dit in order to solve a problem." ....

    I apologize for the convuluted way I've asked this question. I think the problem is more that I'm confused to the extent that I don't even really know HOW to ask the question. So hopefully, if someone is patient enough with me...I can weed through this INterface State Density study.
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