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Intergalatic travel useing thought as the vehical

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    to all members: the humanbeing is a mulidimitional being that can travel through the space/time continuum. through thought, we do not need to use or manipulate elecrogravitational warping space/time devises. as the grays have to the spacecraft that bob lazar describes that the grays travel in is not nessesary for the humanbeing. DNA and thought. find through thought the enzym along the DNA stimulate it by thought and intent to start the mutation of that human build another strain 3 strains of DNA the grays do not have this option that is why they are trying to make a hibred so that they can concur more worlds as they think they have a right to THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO
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    If joke then not all that funny else you're a looney and I hope you're one of those harmless loonies.
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    sounds like too much sci-fi channel to me.
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