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Interlibrary loan at your university

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    I was wondering if anyone of you were able to access your interlibrary loan at the university that you attended long after you graduated from the university that you attended; I was able to access to the books at my library but not the interlibrary loan service at my university. I asked why am I not able to access the interlibrary loan service after I became an alumni but was provided no explanation. HAve any of you been in similar circumstances and if so, what explanation were you given for why as an alumni , you were not able to access the interlibrary loan service your university offers only to registered students and faculty/staff?
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    what is an interlibrary loan service.
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    It is a service where people are able to check out books through different libraries if your library does not hold the book that you wish to check out. This service would be somewhat analogous to a book version of netflix.
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    alright. well, there is a simple answer for everything that they no longer let you do. money. You no longer pay the university, as i assume part of your tuition would have gone towards that. just get the book online if you can.
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    yes , but as an alumni , I am able to access the books at my university's libraries as long as I pay for an annual fee , but when I asked if they offer the same service for the tripsaver library loan, they don't offer the same annual fee that gains you access to the university's library for the tripsaver loan. There are not many free books online. even google books offers limited access
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    Yeah that's odd. You might want to talk to someone about making that available for alumni then. But there are hundreds of thousands of free books online. Maybe they aren't on there legally, but if you check out a bunch of torrent sites like pirate bay, they tend to have users with tons of books.
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