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Intermediate books?

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    What are good intermediate/higher level college physics books are out there for Mechanics and electrodynamics? I am a physics major in an introductory calculus based honors physics class right now(we are using the Serway and jewett text) and want to get a jump start on physics for next year. I intend to do a LOT of reading this summer and need a nice supply of books. Thanks a lot
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    I didn't really understand how advanced the level of those books must be.On classical mechanics,it can't get "worse" than Goldstein and Arnold (or Marsden).In between to an introductory text is Landau & Lifschitz.
    As for CED,maybe u'd like to take a look into Griffiths' book.The "worst" is J.D.Jackson's.

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    Marion and Thornton is a undergraduate level mechanics text. Wangsness is about the same level for E&M. If you have worked thru Serway, you have enough background for them if your math skills are up to dat, i.e. Differential and Integral Calculus and ordinary Differential Equations.
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