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  1. I'm looking for good intermediate level statistical mech. and E/M books. Any suggestions?
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    As far as EM books go, the best one is by Griffiths. The book by Wangsness is also highly recommended.
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    Wangsness is the book to learn from, consistent notation, and an orderly presentation.

    For staistical mechanics, try Reif, in the Berkeley series, then go on to Sears and Zemansky, followed by Reif from teh McGraw Hill series.
  5. Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
  6. Griffiths for E&M is great.
    I would suggest Schroeder for Stat Mech, it is very good (and half the price). I used it as an undergraduate.
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    Apart from Griffiths, Jackson and Cheng are good books too...if you want to read EM in depth, a good look at all three is a good idea...

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